My Name is Keren Agam
Born and brought up in a house where the oven is always on, My father is a chef that made a feast of smells every day.

About 10 years ago I started my romance with Baking, born and brought up in the Mediterranean and its influences from so many cultures I started explorations in my kitchen,
And from sharing my experiences on a Blog, I developed a line of workshops in my kitchen of Mediterranean home baking , along side small fresh local cousin to share with all the warm and fresh breads.
I discover creativity, new love and lots of satisfaction, and elevated it to a successful business that makes me happy every day.

My workshops are socials meetings around the table in the kitchen designed for anyone who wants to make a "boulangerie" from his kitchen.
We create the ingredient together, in a creative and sensitive way, we lough and let go.

I live in JAFFA, a melting pot of culture.
I develop recipeis, I write for magazines and I specialised in food photography.
I am a member of EATWITH.COM community and getting groups from around the world to my kitchen.

I am a proud mother for 3 kids
I surf the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and I dance NIA .

Contact me :  [email protected]